Reference code

Running code, MIT License

The reference code for the Mathematical Mesh is built using the ProtoGen protocol compiler which converts a high level description of a Web Service protocol into specifications and reference code. Both the Mesh reference code and the libraries that support it are distributed under an MIT Open Source license and available from GitHub and Sourceforge.

There is a full reference guide to the API: Mathematical Mesh Reference Code


The system is documented at multiple levels

How to use the Mesh applications to secure applications and devices.
High level descriptions of the Mesh architecture and use
Specifications describing the Mesh protocols submitted as Internet Drafts to the IETF.
API References
Mesh Libraries APIs for the reference code library used to implement the standard Mesh tools.


The Mesh reference code is written in C# and runs on Windows, OSX and Linux.

The primary development platform for the Mesh is Visual Studio running under Windows. The code is also compiled and tested on Linux before each release.

MakeyMakey, one of the build tools used, automatically converts Visual Studio Project files to GNU Make file format. A dual platform development approach is thus quite practical. The only limitation being that there is currently no means of automating the process of updating the Visual Studio projects to track configuration changes made to a make file.


The Mesh code and support code are maintained at the following GitHub repositories:

The mesh reference code and example applications.
PHB Build-Tools
The code generation tools and associated support libraries.