Mesh Design Notes

The arguments that led to the architecture

Mesh Design Notes are notes written to capture the design intent prior to developing architecture and code. They are intended to be illustrative rather than normative.

Mesh-01 Requirements
Discusses the set of problems the Mesh was originally designed to address
Mesh-02 Deployment
Discusses the deployment strategy. This is discussed in more detail in this video presentation.
Mesh-03 Usability
The Mesh approach to usability.
Mesh-04 Insecurity
Considers the root causes of Internet insecurity (circa 2018)
Mesh-05 Disaster Recovery
Discusses the approach to disaster recovery in the Mesh
Mesh-06 Out of Scope
Lists the set of security issues that are not in scope for the Mesh architecture.
Mesh-07 Passwords
Examines some of the many reasons passwords are hopeless security controls.
Mesh-08 Confidential Document Control
Proposes Confidential Document Control as a subset of the CRM problem that addresses the most critical concerns without the technical and political issues raised by strong CRM.
Mesh-09 Secure Internet Names
Describes the design of secure internet names based on UDF fingerprints.
Mesh-10 Unifying Messaging
Proposes a unified messaging system using the Mesh as the basis.
Mesh-11 How the Mesh Works (2.0)
Overview of Mesh 2.0 from the user's point of view.
Mesh-12 Meta-Cryptography I: How Diffie-Hellman Works
A concise introduction to the mathematics behind Diffie-Hellman
Mesh-13 Meta-Cryptography II: Advanced Diffie-Hellman
Describes how Diffie-Hellman supports meta-cryptography opearations including key splitting and key combination.
Mesh-14 MetaCryptography III: Elliptic Curves
Describes the implementation of the techniques described in part II in elliptic curve systems.
Mesh-15 Quantum Contingency
A sketch setting out contingency planning for the emergence of practical quantum cryptanalysis.