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The Mathematical Mesh

Video presentations on the Mesh may be found on the Mesh Video Channel

Recent Topic Videos

Videos on particular topics in cryptography:

Apple/Google Tracing App

Early in the COVID crisis, Apple and Google proposed a bluetooth application designed to track the spread of infection. But as this video deomonstrates, the question to ask is not whether they will invade user's privacy but rather whether there is any point in using them at all.

Zoom Video (In)security

As use of Zoom video boomed during the COVID crisis, people started paying attention to the lack of end-to-end security in Zoom conferencing. As this video shows, we need to pay attention to rather different, much wider security concerns.

Covid Cryptography

Covid cryptography is a ten part video tutorial providing a comprehensive introduction to the state of the art in modern cryptography as used in the field today. It also serves as the foundation course to the companion courses on advanced topics designed to show where we should be going.

01: Work Factor

Threshold Cryptography

Recording of the followup course to COVID Cryptiography recently completed. This five part series will be appearing on YouTube in August.

Mesh Architecture

The Mesh architecture series is a comprehensive description of the Mesh architecture produced in late 2019. While some of the work described in these presentations has been refined since, the underlying principles have not changed.

Mesh 01: The Challenge